Baking with ILVE

This post is sponsored by ILVE, the makers of the nicest oven I’ve ever cooked with. All opinions are my own.

Yesterday my friend Heather, who shoots all our family photos, came over to document some real life baking on our new ILVE pro range. I’ve learned when cooking with kids it’s a total circus. You just have to realize it’ll be crazy and everyone will be trying to talk and do it all at once. (You might want a glass of wine prior. ;)) There will be fighting over putting things into the bowl. Everyone wants to pour and measure and dump into the bowl… even the two year olds. Especially the two year olds (we had some tears). Cooking is so much easier when I enter in with the expectation that it’ll never be perfect.

When I was younger I wanted to be a baker and loved cooking. Then I started cooking with Drew and Elle and now the twins. It’s been so fun to take recipes I made growing up and teach them to the kids. They aren’t picky about what kind of range I cook on… as long as they get the treats at the end but I’ve never cooked with such a gorgeous and professional appliance. Just imagine my happiness when comparing this range to cooking on a hot plate for a family of six for three months! Even though the oven is electric, just like our last oven, everything cooks so much faster and more evenly. I was commenting on Facebook that I was in shock by how perfect they looked coming out of the oven after I had just told Heather mid-shoot that I was sure they would be flat because I melted the butter too much.

I can’t wait to share more of this space in a little bit when we have the backsplash in place… we went with a honed marble subway tile and it’ll be here in a week-ish. I kept coming back to the simplicity of it and think it’ll be the perfect backdrop for this stunning range. While I wait for the tile to arrive you can find me over here cooking away, next on the agenda are some Whole 30 cupcakes.


Range : ILVE Appliances ||  Cabinets: Building Supply Outlet; Peabody, MA  ||  Counters: North Shore Marble & Granite; Peabody, MA

Kitchen Aid Mixer (I’ve had it for 15 years and it’s worth every penny!)  || Finish Work (like the range hood and crown): Boyd Builders Inc.

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