Way-Day: Wayfair Product Reviews

Today marks the start of Wayfair’s annual 36 hour sale, Way Day, where they are having amazing deals! Before you purchase something it’s always good to have a great review on it, right? I figured that since most of the items I have from Wayfair are larger purchases that I’d review them here so you would know what you are getting a little better than you would from a website description.

Our Gray Wingback Bed

Our Bed!then an almost DEAD RINGER for ours for only $229

I think the dead ringer bed is almost our exact bed but it seems that the headboard is a little shorter than ours (if you have a taller mattress this option would be perfect to cover that gap).

White Three Drawer Nightstands

These nightstands , there is a very similar and amazingly priced version here but there are only six left. We’ve had them for a few years and they have held up wonderfully! They are sturdy and affordable for such a good size nightstand. They are on the cream side of white so it doesn’t look the best if you have stark white bedding next to it. I love the little pull out tray to give some extra space at the top in case you need it! The drawers are a good enough size that I store my workout clothes in the bottom two drawers.

Nailhead Tan Linen Armchairs and Navy Rug

at Christmas when it was still in the office (that’s one of the nice things, it’s so neutral it can be move around to each room easily!)

Don’t those walls look great? 😉 We are frustrated with the color we put on it because after the entire wall was painted Site White read as Baby Blue. UGG. 

These chairs fluctuate in price all the time, and today is the best I’ve EVER SEEN THIS PRICED!!! They are fairly light weight so I can easily move them around to clean under them. When you first sit in them after they arrive they will feel very hard but we found that within two weeks that’ll go away and after a two years of owning them they haven’t started to sag or anything from wear. Once we moved them into the kitchen area it’s been easier for little hands to get things on them even though we don’t let them eat over here and after one unfortunate incident it looked like the chair was ruined but I threw the seat cover in the washing machine with bleach and it got the stain almost completely out (washing normally did nothing). Don’t quote me on this because I don’t want to be responsible for ruining anyone’s chairs but for us it was our last ditch method.

This rug is amazing because it hides any stain beautifully and because it has a number of accent colors with the navy it would be really fun to change up the pillows or the wall color in a space.

Living Room Rug

I can’t find our exact rug that we have in the living room but this is a pretty good substitute and so is this one. Right after we got married I was looking at buying a rug and someone told me that the patterned rugs show stains less and it’s so true, even light colored ones like this one!

This is a more thin rug from what you would find at Pottery Barn… it’s probably about half the thickness and not quite as dense but for under $200 for a 9×12 you could never touch anything at PB for that price. If I were furnishing my forever house I probably would upgrade to a nicer and thicker rug but I’ve also got four kids eight and under so… guess what I’m going to choose?  The $200 or $1000+ rug? You got it, the $200 option that’ll always make my home feel homey and comfortable and won’t leave me freaking out at my children for drawing on it with pink marker (okay, well, I’ll still freak out but not as much ;)).

Range and Range Hood

We have this range and adore it and this affordable (compared to many others of that size) option for a range hood.

We’ve only been cooking with them for about two months but so far I’m very impressed. The range boils water so incredibly fast and even the oven works faster than expected! It’s definitely one of the more affordable high end ranges. The large oven is an amazing size, I can fit two roasting pans next to each other and then two more on the shelf below. There is even a roasting kit (for a chicken or something like it) included. The little oven is smaller than I anticipated and I can only put a very small pan in there. In a perfect world I’d have it be two inches larger. For reference, the pan that came with my toaster oven fits perfectly.

Outdoor Love Seats and Comfy Chairs

Our outdoor loveseats and comfy chairs  (I linked the set of four because the set of two is on back order till the beginning of May) are from Wayfair and they were great all last summer and fall and we just set them out again because, fingers crossed, the snow is done now. We loved having them out all last weekend and they do really well with the kids all over them. The prices aren’t terrible but they aren’t dirt cheap either. We knew we wanted to pay a little more to get some that would last from season to season and not look like cheap plastic; I think these fit the bill. The cushions are a light gray (not cream like they look like in some photos) and they wipe off fairly well. They are incredibly comfortable and I can move the entire set myself (although it’s awkward because of the size). The coffee table shows a wood top with it but ours didn’t arrive with that, just a glass top, which I preferred anyway!

Double Vanity

The kids’ bathroom has a 60 inch double vanity in it from Joss & Main (a Wayfair company) which has been great. We’ve had a couple of very small paint chips thanks to rough kids but that’s been our biggest problem. We wanted to change the hardware to something less modern but pulls that came with the vanity had two holes so we will need to fill in holes right under the hardware we chose. The size is great and the marble must have a sealer on it because it has far less watermarks than our last house’s kitchen counter did.  As I was going through all the different styles on the website while searching for this one I was so impressed! There are SO many good choices.

Our tile is also from Wayfair and I love it, it’s pretty affordable for each 1×1 sheet (AJ only likes to tile with sheets because it’s so much easier, our kitchen backsplash will be the first individual tiles he will do!).

I hope I gave you some great ideas for things that will last in your home for years. It’s safe to say none of these items will be around in 25 years BUT based off how they are wearing I think we will get our moneys worth out of every thing I’ve written about. One of the reasons I love Wayfair is that I think the prices are really reasonable for people looking to update their house without going into debt doing it… same thing with a bunch of things I’ve found on Amazon too. My number one tip when buying anything online is to thoroughly read the reviews and stick to items with a 4+ rating. For example, when we received the chairs that were in the office and now in the coffee bar area I knew to expect they would be hard when we first got them and the back might feel lower than some arm chairs.

HAPPY WAYFAIR DAY and I hope you have fun finding some deals that’ll be great for you and / or your family! 

The links above are affiliate links which means I’ll earn a small commission to keep the blog going but at zero cost to you.

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