Living Room Makeover with Raymour & Flanigan

We gave our living room a makeover with navy couches, an amazing coffee table and a neutral rug to create a space that’s both chic and kid-friendly.

I’ve been reading Myquillyn Smith’s book  Cozy Minimalist Home and she made this point that we will be so much happier in our home if we focus on one room at a time instead of flitting from room to room adding a piece here or there that we think we need. She was so on target. When I really focused on finishing this room as much as we could now without major renovations (I’d love to add a gas fireplace and a french door going outside onto a porch at the front of the house) I found that this space felt so much more finished and focused in it’s design.

If you’ve been following along for a while you’ll remember what our living room looked like when we bought the house. The previous owner had much more pink taste than I did but she did such a great job picking out very quality things, the drapes were all custom and now I love the idea of wallpaper in the window seats, just something a little more neutral.

When I was googling for sofa options I kept coming back to navy because these four kids are tough on my beloved light colors. As soon as I found this sofa from Raymour & Flanigan I emailed them and asked if they wanted to partner on a living room makeover. I thought this sofa was the perfect blend of beachy meets comfortable. When the sofas arrived all my thoughts were confirmed. I am absolutely in love with them. The thing that sold me on these sofas as opposed to other ones was the beachy finish on the legs. Every other navy sofa I found looked too modern or had dark legs, this beachy finish, though, is stunning, and looks amazing with the coffee table.

The coffee table is perfect for kids climbing on it and the edges are slightly rounded so I’m not freaking out about the kids poking their eyes out.

I paired the couches and coffee table with a rug we’ve had for a few years and we just snagged the piano from friends who were getting rid of it. I’m in love with this room now, it feels so much more finished and polished while still being amazing for kids to play in.

While we’ve only had the couches and coffee table for a month I can tell you that I’d HIGHLY recommend them. They are made so well. Our dining room chairs, also from Raymour & Flanigan, are a great quality and we’ve had no problems with them other than ones our children create with stains but thankfully we got the protection plan. 🙂

Their customer service is exceptional. My experience in the store was excellent and their communication with me about the scheduled delivery was five star; I’ve had my fair share of horrible delivery experiences so this was a wonderful treat to have it go exactly as it should. The delivery men could not have been more amazing and when they gave me a time window of 11am – 2pm the were completely on target. They had the first sofa already in the house by 11:09am… that’s how punctual they were. I immediately emailed my contact at Raymour & Flanigan and raved about them because it was definitely not the norm for a delivery service.

Raymour & Flanigan, it was a joy to work with you again. Thank you for sponsoring this post! All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.

All sources are listed on the house tour page.
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