Migonis Home Kitchen Reveal

Migonis Home’s white kitchen reveal with new hardwood floors, quartz counters, paneled fridge, two dishwashers and a farmhouse sink in a 12.5 foot island and pro style range… and our largest giveaway ever of a Kitchen Aid Mixer!

When we bought the house the cabinets were solid and all the appliances worked well but ascetically it wasn’t at all our style. We knew we could add some serious value to the home if we made the kitchen a light and bright entertaining spot that really worked well. We invested in both a 48 inch range and fridge and added a giant 12.5 foot island that seats six (I love when all the kids are up there drinking hot chocolate and talking!).

Even though I’ve shared our kitchen during all the stages this is the official reveal with all the sources. Keep in mind this space is still in progress, so even though it’s the official reveal that doesn’t mean that it’s 100% done. I wanted to share the whole space with you now because it’s 95% done and we are still being indecisive about other areas (like the area on the left of the fridge… we have some options we are throwing around to finish that space off).


AJ is our big picture guy and I’m the detail girl. He brainstormed the layout of the large island on the two levels to make sense of the step down into the long skinny part of the kitchen and the prep island to work with the distance between the range and the sink. Even before I went to the store to pick out cabinets I mapped out what I needed cabinets for based off what I was using in our former kitchen. The only thing that I was struggling with were the small appliances like the pressure cooker, crockpot or things of those size. I cleaned out a long skinny closet in the mudroom (that I hadn’t cleaned since we moved in and dumped stuff there four years ago!) and that’s my appliance garage (you can see it in the very first photo in this post, it’s the door to the far left).

I would love to add either something that mirrors the coffee bar by the kitchen table or a floor to ceiling pantry over there for Costco storage. Anyone else want to buy things in bulk but have no place to store the enormous containers they come in??? That’s a project down the road once we figure out the French doors into the dining room and the resulting step we need to build.


In our last home we had marble counters and I don’t for a second regret going with quartz (Mara Blanca from Q Design) in this home. I have never had to worry about stains or water marks (although I still do because I have PTSD from the marble where if we looked at it there would be a stain or water mark). I worried they would look like a cheap knock off of marble but I don’t think they do at all. It is startlingly similar to the marble we had in our last house!

You can read about our marble subway tile back splash with North Shore Marble & Granite here, it was our first time installing individual tiles (as opposed to 12 inch sheets).

Capiz Light

This light was a steal for the size and how it looks. I’m in LOVE with it. I wanted something that gave a little beachy flair while still working with a very classic kitchen and this fixture did the trick. It’s like a piece of art in the kitchen!

I have my eye set on two of these gorgeous chandeliers for above our dining room table but they are in a different price point… I view those as like buying a piece of art and would take them with me if we ever moved! Something like this capiz chandelier is perfect for the space and would stay here.

We started this project mid-December and were able to live in the kitchen with running water and counters by the February but it’s taken us FOREVER to finish detail work. If you’ve followed along at all you know that our fridge was the biggest source of headache for us which really prolonged things but I wouldn’t go back and do it over… it’s perfect for the space and it’s been great to have something larger than we previously had because #fourkids.

We bought six affordable bar stools for the space but they are too short (every single one was too short because the island is a strange height) so we need to put cushions and castors on them. It’s great to be able to fit the whole family in the space!

Faucets and Sinks

This deserves a whole category to it self. I wanted a bridge faucet from the moment I started planning but a lot of them are so ridiculously expensive. This one is a keeper… I am in absolute love with it. The black plastic piece looked cheap to me when I was looking at it online but now I completely understand why it’s not chrome… you wouldn’t be able to hold the sprayer with super hot water for any length of time if it was chrome. The price is unbeatable and it feels SO quality… the faucet is super heavy!

We have two bar sinks in the prep island and coffee bar and used this faucet on them. The sinks are a great price and the faucet coordinates really well with the bridge faucet and feels quality and heavy weight.

Another must have with this project was a farmhouse sink and this one is one of the cheaper ones out there. The price is about half the price of Kohler’s. We haven’t had a single scratch to the inside of the sink despite all the dish washing that happens every since meal. The stainless steel piece that comes with the sink is a LIFESAVER.


The previous owners had carpet everywhere except in the actual kitchen, which was a laminate checkerboard pattern. The rugs were getting stained repeatedly under the kitchen table and it looked so dingy (it’s looked really good when we bought the house but kids were rough on a light rug where we eat!).

We decided to install the same kind of wood that is in the rest of the house, red oak. Once the wood was in waffled on whether we wanted it darker like, what we  originally planned on to flow into the rest of the downstairs or go lighter and brighter. Obviously we decided on lighter and did a pickled oak stain with poly over it. If you were to just poly it the floors would turn even more yellow / orangy than the they are.

Eating Area

I love the table and the chairs but it’s too much wood in this area and the table is too orangy. After my last table painting experience that kept chipping (even with primer and poly!) AJ put his foot down and would rather buy an eight person table but we are still looking for that piece. I have in mind the whole look for this space, I just have to get AJ on board.

The windows on the far left were part of the original house before the former owners added on this room in the last 70s / early 80s. I would LOVE to get French doors into the dining room, I think it would make the house flow beautifully and really allow us to have larger gatherings because we could just open the door to use both tables comfortably. We had the quote for the work but need to remove a portion of a heater to make it happen (that room becomes sweltering in seconds so we aren’t worried about it from a practicality standpoint) so it isn’t as simple as just removing the windows.

Coffee Bar Area

We wanted an area visible from the mudroom door that looked welcoming as soon as someone walked into the house. We set it up with four chairs (they are really affordable!) and a little rug. It’s the perfect spot while I’m getting dinner ready for people to relax in!

Before and Afters

Tile and Counters: North Shore Marble & Granite  (back splash tile was sponsored)

Range: ILVE (given to us at cost)

Cabinets: Building Supply Outlet, Peabody, MA

Dish Towel: Home Goods (similar here and here and the exact one here in red)

Tea Pot and Serving Board: Home Goods (exact one here and similar here in color)

Champagne Bucket: Pottery Barn (similar here)

Glass Pumpkin: Marshalls (similar here or here)

Serving Tray on Range: Mariposa (gifted)

Flowers: Alice’s Table, Magnolia Blooms

Faucets: Single Faucet: Amazon but it’s now out of stock (it was under $50 I think!) but here is a similar one

Bridge Faucet: Amazon

Chandelier: Amazon (similar here)

Hardwood Floors: NTP Hardwood

Rug in coffee bar area: Amazon

Chairs in coffee bar area: Wayfair


We are so grateful for you following along with us! As a thank you we are giving away a Kitchen Aid Mixer. I use ours multiple times every week and it’s been going strong since my parents gave it to me about 15 years ago! Every penny you spend on one of these is worth it!

Giveaway Terms

Winner is able to choose one of these mixers: silver mixer black or white

Giveaway ends on October 31.

Mixer can be sent anywhere that Amazon Prime will ship for free.

Six ways to get an entry (you can do any or all of them):

Comment here (I’d love any questions about our kitchen reno so I can answer everything in another post!)

Like and Comment on my Instagram and / or Facebook post

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