Fall Front Steps 2019

Migonis Home’s 2019 Fall Front Steps are decked out with all the fall mums and pumpkins.

This year I mixed some regular orange pumpkins in with the heirloom pumpkins to give a more vibrant look than I’ve done in the past. I love the way it turned out and it always feels so welcoming when we drive up!

The front wreath was one I whipped up in 10 minutes. I had a very large grapevine wreath I got about five years ago at Hobby Lobby (similar to this one) and it’s been great to switch up. I had a wreath made out of these leaves that I found on Freecycle but the size looked so teeny on our front door so I just took all the leaves off of it and popped them into this wreath. I found a few great fall wreaths that’ll last you till Thanksgiving:

Autumn Large Leaf Accent 20" Polyester Wreath

Leaf Wreath

Bittersweet on Natural Twig Base 20" Styrofoam Wreath

Bittersweet Wreath

Preserved Autumn 20" Artichokes Wreath

Preserved Artichoke Wreath


In case you missed Monday’s post, I revealed our kitchen makeover:

We are giving away a Kitchen Aid Mixer to one reader… head to the blog post to find out how  you can win it!





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