Adding Color in Small Doses

This past year AJ’s grandmother died and just recently, when her home was being cleared out, AJ was given some of her Christmas ornaments. When AJ was growing up he would often go antiquing with his grandmother and so these little items, that represented a fun history, seemed like the perfect thing to base our Christmas decorations off of this year.

If you’ve followed me for any length of time you know I generally like neutrals for year round decorating and Christmas but this year I want to incorporate red in small doses into our decor but don’t want to spend a bazillion dollars buying all new Christmas decor. Because what we have, for the most part, are a lot of items in silvers and whites I figured we could reuse most of our things and just leave out some of the blue ornaments and decor this year and swap in some items in red.

Here’s how I’m getting the biggest bang for my buck this year and I’ll give you an example with a little collage I made for our dining room. This will give you a feel for a gorgeous tablescape that I’m putting together to go live right before Thanksgiving (the post is in partnership with Wayfair so everything you’ll see in the collage is from Wayfair but I’ll give you ideas below where to find some other items).

Tree | Tree Skirt | Plaid Plates | Napkins: Wayfair (I can’t find them on the site anymore though) | Bell Ornaments

Throw (much more affordable option here that I purchased) | Candle Sticks | Goblets | Cedar Wreaths

About a month ago I spotted plaid plates at Hobby Lobby for $10 each and loved them. My thought was to wait until Black Friday to grab them until I saw them even more affordably here. Little salad plates, on top of our white dishes will add that pop whether they are artfully stacked on the sideboard or on the table. Another way to get some color affordably would be a stack of napkins; the twins and I were just in Home Goods today and for $12-$25 you can get a stack of colorful napkins to place with your white dishes.

I’m a big believer in throws, mostly because I’m cold almost all the time, and this gorgeous one from Wayfair is no exception. It’s pricey so I swapped it out for this almost identical one… then when I was in Home Goods today saw a bunch of similar gorgeous ones for $20 that looked and felt a lot more expensive.

Glasses are another simple way to add a pop of color, these ones in the collage are stunning and my absolute favorites but not the slightest bit practical for four kids eight and under so I purchased these acrylic ones that look great but that I won’t have to lose sleep over people breaking. The water glasses and plates we use on a daily basis are simple glass goblets and white plates from the Dollar Tree because then I never freak out at my kids for breaking something (the twins still mostly use plastic). When I’m hosting Christmas dinner I think I’ll give the kids the red acrylic glasses and pop a couple of cranberries into the adults’ water glasses to add some color.

The Christmas tree I’ve decorated the past few years for the dining room is very neutral but this year I grabbed some red mercury glass ornaments from Home Goods to mix into my neutral collection. I can make a simple switch of the ribbon on my ornament frames to red ribbon and that will add some color while costing me next to nothing.

I ordered the faux cedar wreaths in the mood board for the back of the dining room chairs and will most likely secure that with some thick red ribbon.

Because the kitchen is now a really blank slate it’s easier to work some color in small doses than it was in prior years. I plan on putting AJ’s grandmother’s ornaments on the counter by our stove, where the kids can’t easily reach them with a snow globe that represents a place AJ and I have traveled to and then framing this adorable picture of Vera and Gray for behind our range (I’ll move it when cooking).

Last year I used presents that I wrapped ahead of time as part of my decor. I piled them on the sideboard in the office where the twins couldn’t really get to them (this year will be a different story!). Marshalls, Christmas Tree Shops and Home Goods has some great options and the Dollar Tree has some good kids prints. Yesterday I got a tartan in red and navy that will look really sharp in here.

I got a couple colorful kitchen towels that I love from Wayfair for my post, like this splurge and this set. Right after I ordered the tasseled red towel I found a similar one in Target’s $5 spot… check that out if you want one that looks pretty good!

Lastly, I’m going to grab a beautiful candle in red glass by Sand & Fog to put on our stove top. They are all over Home Goods and Marshalls for $4-$13. My absolute absolute favorite candle for Christmas though is this one, I almost never see it at my discount store haunts… it’s not cheap but it lasts a long time and the scent is incredible! (That one or this smaller one would be a great hostess gift!)

In summary to add a pop of color to your neutral decor:

  1. Affordable throws from Home Goods, Marshalls or Wayfair are great options!
  2. Use all your neutral ornaments and mix in a few in a color… a few will go a long way!
  3. Get some beautiful ribbon in a color and tie them around your neutral ornaments or use them instead of napkin rings.
  4. Frame a photo of your family dressed in the colors you are focusing your decor on this year.
  5. Get started on your wrapping early and purchase gift wrap in colors that match your decor so even if you have a completely neutral tree you can have presents displayed under it in your pop of color.
  6. Get some pretty dish towels in the color you are emphasizing… this especially will pop if you kitchen feels like a blank slate.
  7. Get a candle in a colorful container and put it on top of your range.
  8. Pop some candy canes, ribbon candy or colorful Christmas cookies in a cookie jar and make it part of your decor!

Finally.. I’d LOVE to see you at this event I’m hosting next month! Shoot me an email if  you are interested in attending!

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