Kitchen Questions

It’s been fun reading through all of your questions about our kitchen! The majority of questions I received were about our counters, our range, white cabinets with four kids and the chairs in the coffee bar area.

As I mentioned before we had marble counters in our last house because I had to have them. It was one of those things that people warned me against and I just put on deaf ears because I loved them so much. And you know what? I don’t regret doing them because now I know what they are like. It’s sort of like buying clothes that are dry clean only. Your clothes will always look gorgeous if you upkeep them but it comes at a cost. I hated the constant staining (even from water glasses!) and in this kitchen we decided to go for a much more practical option, a quartz that looks like marble. Best. Decision. Ever.

We have had them since last January and after having them for 10 months I cannot sing their praises any higher. There is ZERO maintenance. I can use vinegar and water, Comet or 409 on them. It is amazing with all of us daily making messes all over them! I have never had problems with heat on them (someone mentioned someone having trouble using an InstaPot on them). We regularly have our pressure cooker, coffee maker, Cuisinart Griddler and crock pot on it with no problem… hot grease kept coming out of the griddler the other day before I realized that I’d forgotten to slip in the grease catcher and the counter is totally fine.

We opted for the thicker counter with a double ogee edge. I think it looks classy while still looking relatively simple. If you want to do this ask your counter fabricator to only make it thicker for 4 inches in around the perimeter so that you don’t have to pay for it to be double thick all around the inside.

The simple answer is that we have five heat zones in the house which was a HUGE selling point to us coming from our last house with one heat zone. We have triple the amount of space in this house but a heat bill that isn’t exorbitantly higher than our last house because we are able to heat only the area of the house we are in… and the kitchen area is a different heat zone than the dining room and office are on (and the French door would be going into the dining room). It isn’t very often we keep that zone on during the week continuously at a higher temp. We’d love the dining room and kitchen area to open up to each other though because one, windows inside a house are one of my biggest pet peeves and two, just last weekend we had 20 people over and it would have been perfect to have French doors here so all the kids could be better connected to the adults. As it is now we walk through the kitchen into the hallway then into the dining room or through the living room (to the left of this photo). Is it the end of the world to have no direct entry into the dining room? Not at all. But if we are looking for ways to make our house function at 100% and to utilize the space we have best we want to maximize comfortably the amount of people we can have over and still have it be practical for our day to day lives.

We’ve had these chairs for a few years now and LOVE them… that being said you’ll probably see new ones in here sooner than later because we foolishly didn’t Scotchguard them when putting them where kids have food (they were totally safe in the living room and office before this 🙁 ). They are an amazing bang for your buck. When you sit on them for the first time they feel hard but after about two weeks the seat cushion breaks in to a normal comfiness and hasn’t become wimpy in the amount of time we’ve had them. You can sit in it for hours… it’s not just for decoration.

There is one chair with a little tear in the fabric where a seam was pulling apart a tiny bit from wear and one of the kids pulled it apart. That is the only spot of poorly made-ness I’ve seen on all the chairs.

Keep in mind when you are purchasing them you are buying a $250ish chair… not a $2000 one. It may not last you 20 years but if we had put Scotchguard on these I could see them lasting 8-10 years no problem. They are light enough weight that I can easily move them from room to room and the only assembly you need to do is screw the chair legs on to the chair, it will literally take you under 5 minutes and you don’t need a single tool.

Verdict: amazing chair and I would totally recommend them. I’m sitting in one right now cuddled up in a blanket.

Let me preface this by saying they are definitely not as clean as they were when they were installed. BUT keep in mind they are probably cleaner than they would be if they were darker wood, because I see the drips sooner which reminds me to clean it. We clean them with 409 or something like it or more often with just baby wipes. It’s a chore I can give to Drew and Elle that they can mostly handle! I think for the most part I just need to go over everything with a Magic Eraser. The trickiest part is just getting into the trim work around the shaker inset and probably just need to devote time to do that with a toothbrush but I have better things to do pretty much every single day. 🙂

I really like the range. It’s a convection range so everything cooks a lot faster (my cookies take 10 minutes instead of 13 in a traditional oven). I’ve never cooked on gas before this range and it’s incredible how easy it is to burn things (I’m was used to everything cooking slowly and evenly on an electric top!) but for the most part I’ve become accustomed to it.

The larger side of the oven is amazing. I can fit two large roasting pans next to each other with only a slight overlap. The smaller side of the oven is incredibly small. My little pan that came with my toaster oven fits perfectly in it. It’s good if I need to do something small but for the most part it’s too small for our family of six unless I’m cooking in the one small cookie sheet or this LeCruset dish which is the perfect size for it.

Verdict on if it is worth the money: Hard to say because we’ve had it less than a year and am not sure about maintenance yet but looks wise and how it works thus far it’s been a good investment for us. Would I do it again in another kitchen? My dream would be a 60 inch range to have to 30 inch ovens or to have another 48 inch and a wall oven but only because I want more functional space in the oven, not because the range has been poorly functioning.

Yes, I think so… and we purchased the extra protection plan because we wanted assurance it would last at the price we paid. We decided to do a mid to high-ish end remodel because of what we hope to have the price be when we sell but we also wanted to make decisions that we liked and worked for our family in case we decided this was our forever house. It’s rare that I have the fridge bursting at the seams because I generally grocery shop 2-3 times a week. My biggest pet peeve with the unit is that it’s hard to get a frozen pizza box in the freezer except for the top shelf, everything else works beautifully.

Tile and Counters: North Shore Marble & Granite  (backsplash tile was gifted)

Range: ILVE (given to us at cost)

Cabinets: Building Supply Outlet, Peabody, MA

Dish Towel: Home Goods (similar here and here and the exact one here in red)

Tea Pot and Serving Board: Home Goods (exact one here and similar here in color)

Champagne Bucket: Pottery Barn (similar here)

Glass Pumpkin: Marshalls (similar here or here)

Serving Tray on Range: Mariposa (gifted)

Flowers: Alice’s Table, Magnolia Blooms

Faucets: Single Faucet: Amazon but it’s now out of stock (it was under $50 I think!) but here is a similar one

Bridge Faucet: Amazon

Chandelier: Amazon (similar here)

Hardwood Floors: NTP Hardwood

Rug in coffee bar area: Amazon

Chairs in coffee bar area: Wayfair

If I missed any questions please feel free to shoot me an email at

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