Festive Table with Wayfair {sponsored}

This festive red and plaid Christmas table was sponsored by Wayfair. All photos, writing and opinions are my own.

I am so excited to share with you this table that I put together for Christmas this year! Because AJ loves using more color than I do, and because he just inherited some vintage Shiny Brite ornaments from his grandmother I decided to add some red into our mostly blue and neutral Christmas this year. I purchased some new pieces to add to our collection this year from Wayfair.

These wreaths were a must because I knew I could dress them up for any year, no matter what color scheme I chose. Last year I had gorgeous navy and white striped ribbon on all my wreaths and this year the red on these gorgeous new cypress wreaths really give it a whole different look. I wanted to share the wreaths with you on the backs of the dining chairs for this post but immediately after I photographed it I moved them to our island chairs because I wanted them where we sit every day!

The brass horse bit candlesticks were one of my favorite purchases because I’d never seen anything like them. I mixed my metals and put the gold candlesticks with plates rimmed with gold and silver ornaments for name tags and silver napkin rings. It’s becoming more common to mix metals but I think at Christmas you can especially get away with it when there are so many sparkly and metallic things everywhere.

If you look at the table you will notice there are only a few red items: the throw, charger, plaid dessert plate, cranberries in the water glasses and wine glasses. It is so simple to add a color into your decor without going crazy breaking the budget adding all new items. I purchased acrylic wine glasses (which can totally double was water goblets) because I didn’t want to worry about the kids using the fun glasses anytime this season.

Two years ago I purchased some faux magnolia flowers and have never looked back. They are perfect for Christmas and winter and really saves me from breaking the bank all season long on fresh flowers. For this arrangement I mixed the faux magnolias with some white hydrangeas from the grocery store and fresh cedar from our backyard.

When we got married we registered for linen hemstitch napkins and decided to grab some from Wayfair in white so that they will go with anything any season.

One of my favorite ways to bring in a pop of color into a room is an affordable throw. I especially like to have one on the backs of one or two chairs to bring in some color and texture. The throw right in front of the fireplace is definitely not going to be staying in this room… it’ll be wherever I am! I LOVE it. It’s so classic and so traditional New England Christmas!

When I was planning this table I knew I wanted to bring in some red, which is a little outside my comfort zone in decorating (I’ve been a blue lover forever!) but if I was going to do it I wanted it to be classy and traditional, sort of like a dressy inn surrounded by snow. Speaking of snow… I kept the tree naked with just lights both because I wanted it simple and almost three year old twins. Enough said.

Wayfair Sources:

Napkins (get the 18 inch or larger, I found the 12 inch is too small!)

Red Goblets | Plaid Plates | Chair Wreaths | Candle Sticks | Throw

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