Gifts for Her

Lauren Daigle CD | Rat Pack CD  | Lea Michele | Tartan Top | Coat | Hat | PJs | North Face Jacket | Straw Market Bag | Bowls | Bracelet | Sweatpants

Well, Friends, today I turned 38. I thought it would be fun to do a little board of some items I asked for or just bought recently that would be great gifts for people on your list for Christmas or birthdays.

  1. I posted three CDs that after asking on social media for your favorites these three kept coming up. I purchased the Lea Michele one and love it and plan on snagging the other two… I adore Lauren Daigle and would love to get the Rat Pack one for my grandparents who love all the old Rogers & Hammerstein movies.
  2. This bracelet is really affordable and classy. And you know I love anything Kate Spade. (I think you have to give your email address to see this link because it’s part of their super surprise sale.)
  3. The red jacket is a perfect one for both dressier outfits or jeans… and it’s under $100.
  4. The tartan top is PERFECT for Christmas… and super affordable!
  5. I’m in the market for new slippers after wearing my out (literally, hole in the bottom) and I love these sparkly ones from J. Crew Factory (under $20 now!).
  6. This North Face jacket was on the birthday list because I’d love a new coat for running, it’s supposed to be warm but not too warm / bulky… and it’s somewhat affordable (for a North Face).
  7. This beanie is so cute and I always feel like it hides a bad hair day… especially for people like me who are prone to frizzy hair in rain or snow. It comes in multiple colors and it’s a great price!
  8. The sweatpants were also a birthday gift from my sister and they are super warm and thick and come in different colors! They are already half off with a Black Friday deal!
  9. These navy PJs are my FAVORITE. They are definitely a splurge for PJs but it’s worth every penny. I normally like to wear a small in PJs so they aren’t fitted but these I would definitely buy smaller because they run pretty large. They have a bunch of different colors and patterns too!
  10. There are two straw market bags left in stock and it’s under $20… LOVE this.
  11. The melamine mixing bowls were a recent purchase because I loved the other Williams-Sonoma mixing bowls I had and after 10 years and children / husband using them for non-kitchen things all three broke but they were perfect before people started mixing cement in them or throwing them. 🙂

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