First Annual Blogger Christmas Party

On Friday, December 6, I had the best time with some of my blogging friends and some amazing readers. I’m seriously lacking photos because the night was SO fun that I didn’t really stop to grab my phone or good camera except for at the very end to have AJ take a photo of our whole group.

Grace from Graceful Farmhouse was at the event and was so gracious to send me some of her photos of the table and of our group:

(from left to right): Annie from Liv+Grace Restored, me, Kellie from Gratefully Vintage, Bre from Rooms for Rent, Laura from Willow Street Interiors and Grace from Graceful Farmhouse

I went very simple for the table and made arrangements from faux magnolia flowers from Hobby Lobby ($5 when you hit their 50% off sale which they are having right now!) and some greens from our yard. I can’t rave about these flowers enough and all the attendees couldn’t believe how real they looked.  Then I filled the table with gorgeous ornaments (most are from Balsam Hill and the rest are from Marshalls, Home Goods, Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware). I sprinkled faux snow and loads of candles all over the center of the table.

My menu was so simple… we started off the night with the little island in the kitchen loaded with a charcuterie board and shrimp and wine then moved into the dining room for a winter salad: greens, dried cranberries, goat cheese and pecans (and it should have had apples but I didn’t realize I left them off till after the party!) and then lobster fettuccine alfredo. I use this alfredo recipe (it’s SO simple and I use a mix of shaved and grated Parmesan) and had the grocery store cook the lobster for me (for free!) while I shopped so I didn’t have to worry about over or under-cooking it and then finished the night with super easy to prepare ahead of time chocolate mousse.

Lastly, one of our whole group after we finished (poorly) decorating our gingerbread houses. You’ll see on the table some fun gifts… each blogger brought an amazing gift of things that they love and we drew a name for who would be able to take home the five gifts. I gave away the rectangular version of this Mariposa tray that normally retails for around $200… but for some reason Amazon has listed for $20… there are five left in stock so run (or click quick!)!

We had people from Maine all the way down to Rhode Island and we’d LOVE to have you this spring or summer when we do it again. It really is such a joy to be in a room with people who love what you love!

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