Our Christmas Kitchen 2019

This post is sponsored by Raymour & Flanigan. I have worked with this company multiple times over the years now and they always impress me with how easy they are to work with from the ordering to the delivery! This time we purchased their gray Willowick armchairs and gray Summer House Table.

When I revealed our kitchen I mentioned that the chairs we had in the kitchen were probably going to be replaced because they had seen a lot of wear and tear thanks to not protecting them well from food after moving them into the kitchen. Right before Christmas we replaced them with these incredibly comfortable dark gray chairs from Raymour & Flanigan. Their Willowick chair offers the perfect contrast to the white walls and white cabinets but also something that would be a little more forgiving than what we had previously. We also wanted something that people could feel really comfortable sinking into… these chairs fit the bill. A couple days after the arrived I put Scotchguard all over them when no one was around so any spills would be easier to wipe up.

They might be a little big for the space but comfort wise they are fantastic. The price isn’t bad either and it compares really well to some chairs I’ve seen at other stores or online. From what I can tell they are well made and very heavy (I generally find the heavier the chair the better made it is). We have dining room chairs and two sofas from Raymour & Flanigan and they have proved well made over the years as well!

The red was added into our decor this year because of these vintage Shiny Brite ornaments in the vase that AJ inherited from his grandmother.

Do you remember my question on Facebook and Instagram stories for whether you preferred a wreath or garland on the range hood? Well, I couldn’t find a smaller wreath I liked or a skinnier garland than what I had so it sat naked all season! Maybe next year I’ll find the perfect garland (I gave AJ the tie-breaking decision… it was amazing how close your votes were for wreath vs. garland).

The new kitchen table (the Summer House table in gray… I would pick this table based just on the name, ha!) is perfect for the space… it’s casual and large enough for our regular family dinners. I love the gray color… as far as I can tell it has zero undertones and would work really well in a coastal or farmhouse style home.

The table can comfortably seat four without a leaf and six with a leaf (we will always have the leaf in). Normally we’d just pull up the twins high chairs to the table on each end. There is plenty of room for either that scenario or a regular chair at each end.

We’ve now worked with Raymour & Flanigan on three different rooms and they have proved incredible with quality, delivery time and their delivery service (which we all know is hard to come by!!!). The chairs are around $580 each (we got four) and the table is about $450… both prices are very reasonable for what you are getting! I would highly recommend the company… they have many different styles so my guess is you will find something you like (speaking of finding something you like… we’ve loved our navy sofas and for a long time the navy was out of stock and now it’s back!!!).

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Author: Gano Compagnon

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