House Exterior Ideas

AJ and I have been thinking a lot about our projects around the house this year. One of our number one goals, that has been fast tracked a little because of significant rot that we’ve discovered quickly getting worse, is replacing the master bedroom window and garage doors. One of the things we like to do is ride around and look at our ideas for the house on actual house, not just photos online or in magazines, so that we can see how it looks in real life. Yesterday the kids were in Sunday School and we skipped out for a little hour long post-church date to drive around and look at houses.

When we got home I immediately started googling and searching on Pinterest for photos that we could mock up a photo of our house with to see if we actually liked it. It’s one thing to think it’ll work and another to see something similar to your vision actually does look good. Here’s what we are starting with:

When we started dreaming we wanted to give the house some more character, depth and interest so here’s the rough idea of what we came up with. We reserve full rights to change our minds 30 times but for the most part we’ve talk about variations of these ideas for a long time. Obviously I’m a master at photoshopping (haha) so let me break it down:

Phase One: 

  • Replace the window in the master bedroom (above the garage doors) to something with a larger scale. We like the idea of having it pop out about a foot with some sharp looking trim work below it. We still need to measure the size we want but it’ll be two or three windows.
  • Replace the garage doors, trim work around them and the lighting.
  • Add a pergola above the garage doors. I found this site that sells garage pergola kits which I’m guessing would be a lot more affordable than hiring a builder for the job… although none of them are in a no rot material and we get almost no sun on this side of the house so it may be smarter long term to spend a little more now and not need to replace it in five years.
  • I would also love to add putting a window in above the front door as part of this phase… just like in our last house it makes me crazy having the area above the door not like the rest of the house. I envision a window matching the rest of the second floor windows.

Phase Two:

  • Portico over the front door, here are some amazing ideas that I’ve collected to give us ideas of how to update a flat front Colonial
  • Possibly a new front door to let in more light

Other potential phases (these are not as urgent / important in our minds but would definitely make a very positive change to the house… they are still in the dreaming phase):

  • Add a shed dormer above the mudroom and level the mudroom floor so it is all one level. The stairs are on the inside of the house which makes the area by the mudroom door very tiny and hard to maneuver in when many people come in at once. The actual mudroom is an excellent size and I’d love to see the floor be all one level with one giant window filled door to let in as much light as possible.
  • Add a porch to the living room with French doors.
  • Possibly make the roof flat to be a deck above the living room (unlike the photo I added in there will not be a room above the living room, just the deck railing you see).

There you have it… some of our dreaming for our home! Do you ever edit your house pictures, even amateurly like I did, to see how a space will look with the ideas you have for it? I find anytime I do something like this it’s always quicker to get AJ on board with something because he can envision a little more clearly my feeble explanations and I always consider that a win-win.


I’m off to collect bids for the garage work and research garage doors this week!

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