Our Winter Home Tour 2020 Part 1

This winter I wanted to give you a peek into our first floor without all the Christmas decorations. The kitchen and living room are both quite a bit different from last year at this time and I figured I’d show you those spaces first.

Last March we got two gorgeous navy Chesterfield couches from Raymour & Flanigan. When I found these couches online I wrote the company and asked if they wanted to partner because I was so in love with the lines, the color and the driftwood style legs. I would easily say they are either my favorite piece of furniture we own or second to it (our dining room table from the Restoration Hardware Outlet is a close contender). So a year in here are my thoughts: they are so comfortable I could easily sleep on them. The back is lower than normal couches, even though I knew this when we got it I was still surprised at it, but it doesn’t stop it from being comfortable unless you need a tall back. The material of the couch cleans fairly easily but the real reason we chose it is because the navy hides almost EVERYTHING and with four kids that is gold.

Couches: Raymour and Flanigan Coffee Table: Raymour and Flanigan Rug: Wayfair (can’t find it online anymore) Pillows: Home Goods and Marshalls Tray, Lamps and Curtains: Home Goods Sofa Table: World Market

We got the coffee table at the same time and Grayson and Vera seem to think it’s another seat, the two of them love to sit on the end of it to watch TV. The table is sturdy enough that the kids can stand on it and jump onto the couches… I didn’t want to worry about a fragile piece of furniture with our four who aren’t always careful with things.

December 11, 2018 we started renovating the kitchen and it’s amazing how far the space has come. We added hardwood floors and a new kitchen. One change we made was to widen the doorway from the mudroom to the kitchen area by 1.5-2 feet and it’s amazing what that did to improving the sight lines when you walk in the house.

Chairs and Kitchen Table: Raymour & Flanigan Silver Table: Home Goods Range: ILVE

Our mudroom space is a fabulous size but it’s weirdly on two levels. When you walk in the house there is this bottleneck at the bottle of the stairs if any more than one person comes in at a time. AJ came up with the great idea to level the floor of the mudroom and put the stairs outside but as you can guess that is not a necessary or an inexpensive project so we’ll see if it ever happens. I can just see though an huge glass door on the same height as the hardwood floor making this area so much brighter.

So there is part one of our downstairs! I think we’ve made some great progress in the time since we’ve owned it definitely with updates to the kitchen but the living room was a very affordable update with just paint and wallpaper removal. Much of the updating you will see in this post and the next part of our downstairs tour is simply changing the color scheme and making the space flow better. More later, Friends!

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Author: Gano Compagnon

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