Saturday Chats: Kids Home for Weeks, Great Podcast and Goals

My girlfriends and I always joke that we start 10 conversations and finish maybe one when we are together. I’m hoping these occasional Saturday emails will be similar to a coffee date with a girlfriend where I tell her a bunch of random thoughts that are on my mind.

Are you in the same spot we are in with kids home for at least two weeks now? School breaks always make me a little nervous so everyone, including AJ, in the house. I always find if we have a little more structure we do better. Yesterday Drew and Elle were playing in the basement and I let them play there till they either came up fighting or bored and then we redirected. My general thought it to mix up the fun times with chores or some school work or reading to keep people from going crazy.

I made this list that I’m continually adding to of ideas for the “I’m bored” syndrome.  I’m also trying to give them a huge breakfast and then tell them no snacks till 10:30 because they would literally eat constantly otherwise and then have the same strategy for lunch and afternoon snacks.

One of my loose goals for the year was to make a loaf of homemade bread (the kind with yeast, not quick bread which I make all the time). The yeast has always made me a little nervous and I’ve never tried it despite that I love to bake. Friends, it was SO EASY. I used this recipe and the prep took under 10 minutes. I wasn’t really sure how accurate my thermometer was so I just popped the milk and water in the microwave for a minute and a half to warm it up.

I used it to make avocado toast for breakfast and dinner last night and it was delish.


While I run I like to listen to The Happy Hour podcast with Jamie Ivey and this week’s special episode with Katherine Wolf was SO ENCOURAGING. Twelve years ago Katherine had a massive stroke and when she woke up she knew her life would never be the same. You have GOT to listen… you will be so encouraged in whatever you are facing! I’m going to listen again and write down the most memorable quotes.

While we are home these next couple of weeks I’m trying to make one goal a day for house projects. Yesterday’s was to rake the front yard. Today’s is to organize at least half of the attic (it’s always insane after I throw everything up after Christmas because it’s too cold up there till now to organize it all again!). Do you have little (or big) projects you can have your kids help with or be alongside of you while you tackle something?

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Author: Gano Compagnon

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